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Happy Valentine’s Month Sykesville!

To spread the love this year The Downtown Sykesville Connection is launching a brand-new event called the Sykesville Secret Admirer, in support of our Sykesville Small Businesses. Much like our Secret Santa event, participants will be both a shopper (Secret Admirer) and a gift recipient. After submitting your information below, we will match you with another Secret Admirer who will shop for you!

Sykesville Secret Admirer

  • if applicable

When shopping we are suggesting a price range of $10-30 but feel free to spend what works for you and your budget.

You will receive an email with information about the individual that you will be a Secret Admirer and shop for (name, store to shop at, size/allergies if applicable). You will then go to the store and shop for your person, at checkout be sure to tell the person checking you out that you are shopping for the Sykesville Secret Admirer and tell them the name of the person you are shopping for! The store will have a premade tag for that person, they will bag and tag it and keep it at their store for the person to pick up.

As the gift recipient, you will receive an email/phone call once your Secret Admirer has bought you a gift! This email/phone call will come from the store that your gift was purchased at. Please pick up your gift from the store by checking in at the register telling them your name and showing proof of identification! Please pick up your gift from the store within a week! Feel free to browse around for other Valentine’s Day list items while you are in the shop, each of our amazing merchants has wonderful local gifts for your special someone!

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to the Downtown Sykesville Connection Event Coordinator at

List of participating stores:



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